Need your Concord or Harrisburg, NC lawn smoothed out?

Need your Concord or Harrisburg, NC lawn smoothed out?

Call 1st Place Turf, LLC for your top dressing needs

Don't let your lawn have holes and an uneven surface, top dressing can be performed by our exerts to help your lawn care. We add compost material and blend it in with organic soil to help your lawn grow. Healthy soils leads to a healthy lawn, call us today for your top dressing necessities.

Combine our top dressing and lawn aeration services to have organic material placed deeper into your soil. Placing these organic materials into your lawn by top dressing can help reduce lawn diseases. Need professional lawn care services in the Concord or Harrisburg, NC area? Call 1st Place Turf, LLC at 704-454-7352 today!

3 reasons to have top dressing done to your lawn:

1.Your lawn will be filled with nutrients to not only be healthy but look healthy

2. Top dressing can help reduce the need for fertilization

3. In combination with lawn aeration, top dressing can place the organic material deeper into the soil

Want a healthy, smooth lawn? Call for top dressing today! 1st Place Turf, LLC for your lawn care services. We are located in Concord and Harrisburg, NC.