Tree Care Services Concord NC

Tree Care Services Concord NC

From the Smallest Shrub to the Tallest Tree, 1st Place Turf Can Handle It!

Leave Tree Care Service in the Concord & Harrisburg, Nc Area to Us

Trees and shrubs can add much-needed shade and diversity at your property. The professionals at 1st Place Turf, LLC offer shrub and tree planting services in Concord and Harrisburg, NC and the surrounding areas. We use our own customized blend of deep root injections to fertilize your trees and shrubs. We’ll work with you to choose the best places to plant your new vegetation.

You can depend on us to educate you on the insects, diseases and fungi that can harm your trees. Reach out to us ASAP for shrub and tree care and to beautify your yard with the perfect trees and shrubs.

3 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

The gorgeous trees you admire at your neighbors’ yards probably didn’t grow in a perfect shape naturally. The right trimming and pruning can make any tree beautiful. Here are three reasons why you should hire us for tree care and to prune your trees:

  1. Using pruning methods to shape your trees can enhance the overall look of your yard.
  2. Pruning can strengthen your tree care against harsh weather.
  3. Trimming will get rid of hazardous branches that could fall on you or your property.

Don’t let your trees and shrubs grow out of control. Hire us today for shrub and tree care service at properties in Concord and Harrisburg, NC and beyond.