Fescue Program

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Winter, High calcium lime will impact the grass plants by enhancing their ability to take up fertilizers while promoting vibrant color and growth. This is essential to an actively healthy lawn. Jan - Feb.


Early spring weed and feed adds broad leaf weed controls that take out dandelion, wild garlic and clover. We apply pre-emergent with a mix of slow and quick release fertilizers that maximize the color of spring green up without a surge of growth. Feb - March.


During the late spring to early summer months we apply a blended fertilizer. It contains more pre-emergent that controls crabgrass, goose grass, broom straw, spurge, lespedeza and many other broad leaf and grassy weeds that try to germinate in the summer months. April - May.


Summer months are usually hot and dry. If we get summer showers, brown patch may show up in your lawn. If brown patch becomes a problem, we can control it with fungicides. We do not include these costly controls in our regular applications, they must be special ordered. At an additional cost a preventative application can be added to your program at your request. The application work to keep brown patch in control for 28 days and are applied from May 1 to August 30th.

We do add Fertilizer containing iron and micro-nutrients along with a surfactant to increase the soils ability to absorb rain or irrigation water and It contains more pre-emergent . May- June

August is the best time to prepare the lawn for over seeding by eliminating grassy weed problems that are difficult to control. We do not include these costly controls in our regular applications, they must be special ordered at an additional cost. Grasses include Dallas grass, goose grass, wild onion, nut sedge and crabgrass. This application is a special order. We try to schedule over seeding soon after this application.

Our eight application program is the best in the industry we use only high quality fertilizers designed for the golf course. The applications are spaced out to about five week intervals. You cannot find a better program for your lawn.

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We include fertilizer containing iron and micro-nutrients along with a surfactant to increase the soils ability to absorb rain or irrigation water. July- Aug

AERA-VATION is the process of preparing a seed bed to its optimum. Traditionally coring the soil has been the acceptable method to prepare the soil but coring does not disturb the thatch layer that inhibits the seed from getting to the soil. This is why you see a spotty plant pattern throughout your lawn. Many seeds germinate in the holes and choke out each other as they expand and grow. WE recommend AERA- Vation. Solid tines penetrate the soil six inches below the surface eliminating soil compaction while vibrating seeds into the ground. A rake attachment follows, lifting the thatch layer, shaking more seed to the soil and breaking open the earth. The last pass is with a drum roller that has knobs which presses the seed in and rolls the thatch layer over the seed. When disturbed this way, the thatch decays and adds natural fertilizers back to the soil. Over seeding is optional. Please call or ask your technician early to schedule your lawn. September and October are the prime months to over seed. Add dethatching and increase germination by 30%. Aera-Vation and dethatch are the best methods to over seed that can be accomplished.


A slow release fertilizer application assures that the mature plants do not compete with new over seeding. Sept- Oct


Winter grass roots systems are developing and a special slow release fertilizer is applied with high phosphorous.Weeds have become more aggressive. With moderate temperatures we will see poa, dandy lion, clover, winter wheat, and straw. We apply winter weed control when temperature's permit that will help keep winter weeds in check. Nov- Dec


We use a winter feed with high phosphorous. The roots grow during the winter and the leaves grow in the spring.

CORE AERATION does greatly improve your lawn's ability to deepen root systems by relieving soil compaction. The technique allows air, fertilizers and micro-nutrients to stay where we apply them. A 33% return on your spring investment will be realized and at 1st Place Turf we give a 25% discount to add this to your program.

POWER RAKE and THATCH COLLECTION is the best way to create the perfect seed bed. Thatch build-up and oils found in grass decomposition will keep the seed from ever touching the ground. Germination on our seed is 91 to 93 % but if the seed cannot touch the ground the germination is 0%. Power raking does not disturb the healthy grass plants. The rake lifts the decaying grass clippings and dead plants stems and surface roots while at the same time cutting a small groove across the top of the ground where the seeds usually find a great place to germinate and grow. We vacuum the old thatch layer and leave it for the city pickup or find a spot on your property for it to finish the decomposition process.