Bermuda Program

Looking to Improve Your Lawn Care?

Use these eight steps for your lawn maintenance!


Winter High calcium lime will impact the grass by enhancing its ability to take up fertilizers while promoting vibrant color and growth. This is essential to an actively healthy lawn. January thru February.


Is an early spring fertilizer with pre-emergent. We include broad leaf weed controls that take out dandelion, wild garlic, clover and many others. February thru March.

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We apply a blended fertilizer which contains pre-emergent that controls crabgrass, goose grass, broom straw, spurge, lespedeza thistle, plantain and many other broad leaf and grassy weeds that begin to germinate in the summer months and insect control is a part of the application. Broad leaf weed controls are applied as needed. April thru May

Summer months are usually hot and dry. If we get summer showers, brown patch may show up in your lawn. If brown patch becomes a problem, we can control it with fungicides. We do not include these costly controls in our regular applications, they must be special ordered. At an additional cost a preventative application can be added to your program at your request. The application work to keep brown patch in control for 28 days and are applied from May 1st to August 30th.

**The best time to aerate worm season grass is April. The color is just beginning to appear, soon stolen activity will become active. Coring your lawn at this time will help keep about 30% more of the fertilizer we apply where we place it. The core holes allow air, minerals and nutrients to enter the ground[ feeding the root systems of your lawn. It also expands the surface area of the lawn helping it to heat up sooner than unaerated soil.
Our eight application program is the best in the industry we use only high quality fertilizers designed for the golf course. The applications are spaced out to about five week intervals. For excellent weed control we apply four doses of pre-emergent . You cannot find a better program for your lawn.


The hot months of summer really get Bermuda grass growing. This is where we add extra nitrogen with iron, and surfactants are applied that aid in water retention and color. We also treat for broad leaf weeds like nut sedge if they begin to appear. Insects like mosquitoes, flees, ticks, and fire ants are out and about. We apply a treatment that controls the area in your lawn for 30 days. The following application keeps them at bay another 30 days. Enjoy your summer! June.


Bermuda likes to be feed in the summer. We prepare a high nitrogen fertilizer with Iron and broad leaf weed control and apply them at the best time for your lawn respond. We also include additional insect control and pre-emergent to control Poa that is germinating. We include additional potassium to strength cell walls. July- August.

**This is a great time to renovate your lawn if it is thin and has grassy weeds problems. Call our specialist to have them answer any questions that you have.
Special order fall aeration and over seeding are in season for Bermuda lawns. If you plan to over seed with perennial rye blend for the winter, order early.


Slow release fertilizers with high potassium that will continue to feed and strengthen cell walls of dormant Bermuda are applied to your lawn. The plants roots store energy that will be released in early spring. September.


Another application of slow release fetilizer with high phosphorous and high potassium is applied to encourage root development and strength cell walls through the winter. October.


Whether or not you are over seeding a follow up fertilizer application assures that the new parental rye grass fills in and matures throughout the winter. November- December.